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Are you able to diagnose and treat with medication?

Yes! I am a board certified pediatrician which means I can diagnose and treat with medication, I am also an ADHD coach. 

What is ADHD?

Simply put ADHD is a form of executive functioning condition that causes a gap between ability and performance. Some common symptoms are hyperactivity, inattentive, impulsivity, difficulty focusing, difficulty with organization and being easily distracted in multiple settings. 60% of kids diagnosed with ADHD will continue to have symptoms in adulthood. There are some strengths associated with ADHD. People with ADHD tend to be more creative, great problem solvers and entrepreneurs, to name a few. Dr. Shandi J's approach is to close the performance gap to maximize your talents. 


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Will I get a prescription on the first visit?

On your first visit we will do a thorough history and physical exam. Medication may or may not be recommended. 

What is coaching and its benefits?

A coach is someone who gives direction, instruction and training to help athletes perfect their craft. ADHD coaching is similar. We help children, adults and families with ADHD to build skills that will positively impact their lives. Some areas of focus are goal setting, time management, organization and coping skills. We help give you tools so that you can be the captain of your lives. 

Is telemedicine an option?

Yes, telemedicine is an option for some visits. It will also be important see the patient in the office for medical evaluations. The amount of in person visits will vary based on the patient. 

What ages do you see?

We see patients from 5years old to 25 years old.

Do you provide therapy?

No, I am not a therapist or psychiatrist. I am qualified to treat some mental health issues. If we determine that your situation could benefit from a therapist or psychiatrist, we will help you find one. 

What if I only want coaching and not medical visits?

Not a problem. ADHD coaching is available without medical visits. If you reside out of the California Bay Area then only coaching services can be provided since an in-person physical is required for medication. 

Do you take insurance?

Currently we do not take insurance, with the exception for possibly UC Berkeley students. This allows us to break the ties of insurance and be able to practice medicine in a more holistic way. Our small patient size allows us to do longer appointment times and give your family more time and attention. In some cases you may be able to submit the visit to your insurance for reimbursement as a out of network provider.

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