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Mindfulness & EFT/TFT

Mindfulness & ADHD

Can mindfulness help ADHD?  Yes!
Mindfulness can increase dopamine in the brain which is the key treatment in ADHD. It can also help bring more awareness to the body and aid in decreasing stress, improving attention and increasing mood. Meditation is being used more and more in ADHD management for these benefits. 
Yoga Class
A sense of freedom
Speech Therapy

EFT & TFT Tapping


Emotional Freedom Techniques and Thought Field Therapy is acupressure without the needles. Some people refer to it as acupoint.  It is an evidence based technique to help decrease anxiety by tapping on different parts of the body called meridian points while saying affirmations out loud. It restores energic flows in the body to promote relaxation and healing. It is another tool used by Dr. Shandi J to calm the ADHD brain. 
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